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ACTIONABLE Insights - Take Advantage of Value-based Care Incentives

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as some commercial payers have implemented several payment programs to move towards value-based care.  PSO Services is committed to helping independent physicians and physician organizations take advantage of value-based care incentives and other alternative payment modalities.

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Does MACRA’s Quality Payment Program apply to me?

NOT in your first year of Medicare provider enrollment.

Have Medicare Part B allowed charges greater than $90k.

Provide care to more than 200 Medicare Part B patients.

If all three of the above apply to you, the MACRA Quality Payment Program DOES apply to you.
Learn how to maximize your payments.

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MACRA transforms how practices and clinicians report Medicare requirements and are paid for services. The ultimate goal of these changes is to move toward a value-based healthcare system that ensures high-quality, affordable health care. These resources are designed to help clinicians become educated, stay informed, and succeed in the new payment environment.  Learn about MACRA, visit our MACRA FAQs, assess your options, and develop an action plan.

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